About Herstal

The story of Herstal Lamps

A journey with a talent for light in union with innovation and design. 

Two entrepreneurs with the desire to confirm and fascinate people in their homes. 

In 1987, Martin Herstal moved to Odense, where he and his future wife, Lotte, took over a small lamp shop at Vesterbro in Odense. Martin and Lotte Herstal were both in the early 20s when they sold lamps and advised customers in their classical way in their shop. The dream, however, was to create its own lamp design. The products were a staging of the halogen light source, in a light and simple design, which was recerived with great enthusiasm by the market in late 80s. In addition to the sales in the lamp business, projects for private homes, companies and other shops were also a big part of everyday life. Customers wanted quality lamps on an equal footing with advice. From the idea of bringing the light to the center, the special and recognizable Herstal universe was created. 

Breathtaking lamps with the right light in safe quality 

Herstal lamp design had become a coveted trademark. Throughout the 1990s, more people sought the negotiation of Herstal lamps, which primarily went to exquisite stores, while the distribution was supplemented by advertising in exclusive housing magazines. In 1996 and 1997 the lamps were sold in Norway, Sweden and Germany. Ten years had passed since the beginning, and Herstal become a special lamp mark, known for its distinctive design and values of a elegant and functional light. 

Play with light and design, eternal passion for lamps and evelopment

In the 90s, wire systems shone with halogen spots and stained glass definition of Herstal lamps. With the same spirit, focus and understanding, Herstal moved into the new millenium with more technology and an expression that adapted to the time. This led Herstal to the front with opal white glass and steel in a minimalist and classic unverse. Touch system, new design and small details supported the Herstal story, focus on innovation and light. In 2000, the new Herstal domicile on the ouskirts of Odense became the focal point of more than 100 employees. It was and still is driven by Lotte and Martin, who after a young and ambitious start was now a big lamp company, but with the same values that pushed everyday lift back in the late 80s. 

Quality and design lighting - Herstal´s family valus in the perspecitve of time. 

In 2008, Herstal presented a line of new, innovative lamp designs and LED technology. At the same time, the Swedish lamp company Belid was acquired, which since 1969 has produced quality lamps. Herstal wants to highlight the competencies within the light in space, the technological development and the fact that the light is the center of the design. Herstal has for many years been under the same proud family traditions and values, which make us the mainstay of home lighting. This is due to the many years of experience in light and design that ensure that you get the right light and contemporary technology in combination with the characteristic and stylish Herstal design.


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