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About Herstal

The story of Herstal 


In 1987, Martin Herstal moved to Odense, where he and his wife, Lotte Herstal, took over a small lamp shop at Vesterbro in Odense. They were both in their early 20’s when they sold lamps and advised customers in their shop about good design and light aspects. Martin and Lotte´s dream was to create their own designed lamps. The products were a staging of the halogen light source, in a joyful and urban design. Their own collections were received with great enthusiasm by the market in late 1980’s, and there was an instant love for the Herstal light – and that is how the special and recognizable Herstal universe was created. Carrying on the family name Herstal, Martin and Lotte built a company over the past decades that today has over 150 employees.

“I believe the reason why people keep coming back to buy our designs is a combination of the playful and living expression that characterizes the most of our lamps. But if it had not been for the well thought and carefully developed light aspects of each lamp, the story would never have been the same.”                                                                                                                      

- Martin Herstal founder

Since 1988, Herstal sheds light in many homes across Northern Europe. From the origins of Danish Design, Herstal inspires people to illuminate their surroundings in new ways by offering a playful yet timeless design.

Reflecting on the heritage in a future orientation, Herstal introduces a new journey. It has always been about creating an atmosphere through joyful design and comfortable light aspects. 30 years of experience in developing lighting is one of the key elements in being able to present the new vibrant collections.

To mark the new journey, the brand is revitalized in a new expression. The new logotype reflects modern playfullness with small details to be distinctive and recognizable. A fresh and vibrant look accommodates the new design collections and is to inspire the young people seeking an urban lifestyle at a fair price level.

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