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We are promoting the good light by developing lamps with an international design expression that challenges the expectations of the light in the home. 



With a passion for lighting, we create new expectations for those who appreciate the good light in the home. We develop lamps based on our ability to understand sublime lighting and create international lamp design. 



It is our belief that the initiates inaugurated value of the good light. We want to pass on this understanding, which we believe helps to create more value in the home and a better experience of many aspects. Dinners, play and contemplation change, as well as furniture, paintings and pictures. There are many reasons to appreciate the good light. 

Herstal design in the good light

Motown 14007270105 L

Motown Floor

Motown 1407270020 L2

Motown Floor (s)

Motown 06007500005 L

Motown Pendant (m)

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