Bloom table lamp

Table lamps

Table lamps

It's easy to find a Herstal table lamp for your home. Browse through our selection of lamps in various shapes, sizes and colors. For example, the much-liked family of Vienda, the brand new Bloom lamp by Antonio Sena or the Jazz table lamp by Mikael Berlin for example.

Table lamps have many uses from an interior design detail to a reading lamp, to being placed in a window or to create atmosphere. Regardless of what you are looking for, we hope you find it here.

Discover the full range of Herstal table lamps below.

Harbor black table lamp

Harbor Table Lamp Small H28

Zenta Micro tablelamp Ø9

Image coming soon

Vienda X Table lamp H48

Vienda Table Lamp H50

Gil il Grande Table lamp H37

Bloom Table Lamp Small H17

Bella Table Lamp H58

Harbor Table Lamp Large H23

Cuub Table lamp H53

Bloom Table Lamp Large H30

Jazz Table Lamp H24

Vienda Mini Table lamp H40



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